The 15th TUYEM International Feed Congress and Exhibition, organized by the Turkish Feed Manufacturers' Association since April 1992, will take place between 18-21 April 2024, at the Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort hotel, one of the most comfortable hotels in Belek - Antalya, our world-famous tourism destination.

TUYEM has earned the name "Meeting Point of the Feed Industry" due to its ability to bring together all sectors related to the feed business for many years. With the participation of thousand local and foreign attendees, TUYEM holds the distinction of being the world's largest congress on compound feeds. Our congress leads the disseminate of new information in feeds and animal production, addresses problems and finds solutions, and fosters the emergence of new business opportunities and collaborations.

The strategic location of Turkey on the world map in terms of feed and animal product trade, coupled with its potential for development in compound feed, feed ingredients, feed additives, and feed machinery, further enhances the importance of this congress.

At the TUYEM congress, topics such as sustainability in feed production, global developments in compound feed industry, innovations in feed technologies, the role of artificial intelligence in the feed industry, the future of alternative protein sources and biotechnology will be discussed.

As our traditional event brings together all sector members and their families, and coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Feed Manufacturers' Association, we will carry out this special event with your participation and support, filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

We invite you with great pleasure on behalf of the organizing committee to join our distinguished event.

Best regards,



Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry & Related Departments
Representatives of Other Ministries
Representatives of IFIF (The International Feed Industry Federation)
Representatives of FEFAC (The European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation)
Presidents and Members of Feed Industry Associations in EU
Representatives of NGOs
Feed Millers
Producers of Animal Product
Producers & Suppliers of Premix and Feed Additive
Pharmaceutical Companies
Raw Material Producers & Dealers
Feed Machinery Producers & Subsidiary Industry Suppliers
Feed Plant Automation Companies
Software Companies
Feed Grade Fat/ Oil Producers, Suppliers and Dealers
Animal By Products Manufacturers and Dealers
Academicians from Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Faculties
Feed Industry Service Providers
Logistics Companies
GSM Companies
Automotive Industry